This is notice to any and all Senders of mail who have been given a reference to this page (

You, and any and all acting on your behalf and any and all you are acting on behalf of, are hereby placed on notice that I am a living, breathing, flesh and blood man (non-gender specific) domiciled within one of the several sovereign compact states of America and that any mail from you must have delivery instructions in a manner acceptable to me.  The mail must use the correct spelling of all proper nouns, such as my names, street name, city name, state name, etc.  My names must be preceded by the appropriate title, such as Mr., Mrs. or Miss.  My given names must precede my family name.  Names in all capital letters, such as JOHN, JANE, DOE, ALASKA, CALIFORNIA, NEW YORK, ANCHORAGE, SACRAMENTO and ALBANY, are names of fictional entities/legal fictions, and are therefore not acceptable to me.  Federal areas identified by names or numbers are not acceptable to me except the postal code when enclosed within square brackets.  The square brackets exclude it from the delivery instructions but allow its contents for use by the United States Postal Service.  Two letter state names, such as AK, CA and NY, are names of federal areas.  Zip codes, such as 99701, 95993 and 10001, refer to federal areas.  I do not live in a federal area nor do I have any nexus with legal fictions.  Each time you use a legal fiction or federal area in the delivery instructions is a deliberate attempt by you to commit fraud and causes me an injury for it is a threat against me and my property by you and all the forces you have at your disposal, and constitutes a damage of ten troy ounces of what is commonly referred to as 24k, 9.999 fine gold, and is payable on demand.

Following are examples of acceptable delivery instructions:

Mr. John Eric Doe
1234 Victory Lane, Suite 34
Denver, Colorado [ 80201 ]

Mrs. Mary Anne Jones
5678 Main Street
Albany, New York [ 12201 ]


Here are some delivery instruction examples that are not acceptable and will be refused for fraud and returned to sender:

Unacceptable delivery instructions: Reasons they are unacceptable and will be Refused for Fraud and Return to Sender:
John Eric Doe
1234 Victory Lane, Suite 34
Denver, Colorado [ 80201 ]
No title so I do not know if this is a misspelled fiction.
Mr. John Eric Doe
1234 Victory Lane, Box 34
Denver, Colorado [ 80201 ]

The word "Suite" was replaced with the word "Box", do not replace any words.
Mr. John Eric Doe
1234 Victory Lane, Ste. 34
Denver, Colorado [ 80201 ]

The word "Suite" was replaced with an abbreviation "Ste." which is not acceptable.
Mr. John Eric Doe
1234 Victory Ln, Ste 34
Denver, Colorado [ 80201 ]

The word "Lane" was replaced with "Ln" which is not a word and the word "Suite" was replaced with "Ste" which is not a word and since there is no period following them, they are not abbreviations either.
Mrs. Mary Anne Jones
5678 Main Street
Albany, NEW YORK [ 12201 ]

The state name is the name of a fiction.  Use the proper noun spelling only.  All names are to be spelled as proper nouns are spell in the English language.
Mrs. Mary Anne Jones
5678 Main Street
Albany, New York  12201

Because the postal code is not in square brackets, it is part of the delivery instructions transferring it into a federal area.  12201 is a federal area.  You must put the postal code within square brackets.
Mrs. Mary A. Jones
5678 Main Street
Albany, New York  12201
Initials are not names, besides, how do I know that "A" does not refer to "Alice", "Ann", "Anabel", etc.  You must spell out all my names completely, no abbreviations.
1234 Victory Lane, Suite 34
Denver, Colorado [ 80201 ]

The name of a fictional entity created by government.

NOTICE: If your mail was returned to you with a reference to this web page, then this is notice to you and your agency or business or company, and all its principals and agents and employees and any others with a direct or indirect relationship with you of all herein.



You are to use delivery instructions acceptable to me otherwise it will be refused for fraud and returned to sender, where a label similar to the one below will be placed partially over the top of the unacceptable delivery instructions:

Return To Sender



Federal Areas (Research):

The Buck Act, which the historical record and therefore original intent is mysteriously missing, was supposedly put into law around 1940.  This act gives government agencies the authority to create federal areas into which the exclusive legislative jurisdiction of the United States Congress extends.  These federal areas are created over the top of the sovereign states.  These federal areas are all fictional areas.  The purpose of these fictional areas is to deceive the people into accepting them as the place where they are living and working.  Once the people claim to live and work in a federal area, the exclusive legislative jurisdiction of the Federal government can be applied to them and the people are none the wiser.  Below are a couple federal areas created by an agency of government:

Now, if I fill out a form and put CO as the state I work in, I have just declared that I work in a federal area.  If I receive mail that has the state CO in its delivery instructions, then I am receiving mail in the federal area and it could be said that since I'm receiving mail in CO, I must live and work in CO.  This is a weak argument for I could go get a postal box in Nevada and once a month go there to get any mail that arrived in that box, but still live in Colorado.  Where I receive mail does not necessarily mean I live and work there.  However, the filling out of an employment application or any other form where I put as the state I live and work in as CO, then that is a declaration that will hold up in court, unless challenged by the one using it believing it to mean the sovereign state Colorado.

There are exceptions, when the form does not allow for anything other than a two letter state name and/or no way to put the postal code within square brackets, then unless the form clearly states that only those living and/or working within a federal area are to fill out the form, the form either was designed by those ignorant of the law or for the purpose of fraud and the use of the two letter state name and postal code do not admit to nor create any connection or nexus between the one filling out the form and any federal area.

Because most senders are unaware of The Buck Act and therefore are unaware that CO and 80201 are federal areas, I concern myself with their intent.  They think that CO is simply a postal abbreviation for the sovereign state Colorado and that 80201 simply aids the Unites States Postal Service in sorting mail for more efficient delivery, therefore, even though they use CO and 80201, I know they mean the sovereign state Colorado and accept their mail as such.

However, there are agencies of government that collect monies in the form of taxes and those taxes are only applicable in federal areas.  Therefore, they must assure me that they know I do not live in a federal area nor work in a federal area nor have any property in a federal area.  The way they assure me that they know this is by not using any federal areas in the delivery instructions of mail intended for me.  Therefore, those agencies of government that I have clearly stated what the only acceptable delivery instructions are for mail intended for me, those agencies must only use said delivery instructions exactly as specified, otherwise they are harassing me and committing and attempting to commit crimes against me.

Artificial Entities:

Most people know about corporations and, perhaps, partnerships and non-profit corporations.  These are artificial entities or legal fictions.  They are not real, it takes people to act on their behalf and to represent them.  The proper spelling of an artificial entity is with all capital letters.  There are other things spelled with all capital letters as well.  Go the your local cemetery and look at the head stones.  The names are always spelled in all capital letters.  The is because they are not real, they are dead and gone.  War names are also spelled in all capital letters, they are nom de guerres.  Names in all capital letters are always fictions.

Anyone with a competent eighth grade understanding of the English language know that the only way to spell proper nouns, such as your names, are with the first letter capitalized and the remaining letters lower case for each name.  There is no exception to this rule.  As seen above, my names, and by the way, notice that I say "names" not "name", are, for example, John Eric Jones where John and Eric are my given names and Jones is my family name.  You will notice that on forms, especially government forms, they only ask for your name.  Of course they say First, Middle or Middle initial and last.  But those are only part of the name, not multiple names.  Look at your driver's license, look at the IRS mail sent you, the name on them are always capitalized.  And it is only one name with two or three parts.  If you ever find yourself in court, the judge will attempt to get you to agree that your name is the sum of all parts.  For example, if your names are John Henry Doe, the judge will ask if your name is "JOHN HENRY DOE".  Of course, since most Americans are incompetent when it comes to English grammar, they answer "Yes."  You see, on the case filed in court is the fictitious name, a misnomer, "JOHN HENRY DOE" and the judge needs you to agree that you are that fictitious person so he can proceed to rule against you and collect money for his wallet.

Sometimes government officials get sneaky, one of the tricks is to misspell the fictional name.  Instead of "JOHN HENRY DOE" they deliberately misspell it to fool you by spelling the name, notice I said name, not names, like this: "John Henry Doe".  That is the reason they must include my title immediately before my names so that I know they not using a misspelled fictional name but rather my names.


Found in the Statutes and Regulations:

Notice that "State government" and "Governor" need to be defined twice, in other words, they have two different meanings depending which one you are referring to.

Here we see the two definitions for "State government":

31 CFR, Ch. 1, 51.2(q) "State government" means the government of any of the 50 State governments or the District of Columbia.

Notice that the second word "State" is capitalized.  That "State" refers to only one state, which is a federal area whose boundaries surround all the several sovereign 50 states, and that federal area has 50 governments.  That one State is subdivided into 50 federal areas and those divisions are given names like STATE OF CALIFORNIA, STATE OF NEW YORK, etc.  This federal area is a creation of the government of the District of Columbia.

Here are some examples to help you understand that State is one State with 50 governments:

31 CFR, Ch. 1, 52.2(o) "State government" means the government of any of the 50 states.

Notice that the word "states" is not capitalized and that it is plural.  This refers to the 50 sovereign states, among them being California and New York.

If "State government" of "the 50 State governments" was the same as the "State government" of "any of the 50 states", why does "State government" need two separate definitions?  The answer is obvious, the first definition refers to the federal area created under The Buck Act and the second refers to the 50 several sovereign states of America.  the "50 State governments" are not the same governments as governments of "any of the 50 states".  In other words, we have 100 "State governments".

Next we have two different definitions for "Governor".

31 CFR, Ch. 1, 51.2(i) "Governor" means the Governor of any of the 50 State governments or the Mayor of the District of Columbia.

31 CFR, Ch. 1, 52.2(f) "Governor" means the Governor of any of the 50 states and the chief executive officer of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the territories of American Samoa, Guam, and the Virgin Islands of the United States.

Again we see "50 State governments" and "any of the 50 states".  Notice that in the first definition that the "Mayor of the District of Columbia" is defined as "Governor": "'Governor' means the Mayor of the District of Columbia".  In other words, the Mayor has the same authority as the Governors of the 50 State governments.  Does a Mayor in "any of the 50 states" have the same authority as the Governor of "any of the 50 states"?  Of course not.


Agents, employees, contractors, etc, of government agencies:


Anyone who does not know the law they enforce and to whom that law applies and under what circumstances that law applies is incompetent and should be removed from such a position.  Anyone who puts an incompetent person in a position to enforce law does so for the purpose of committing fraud through ignorance.  Anyone in a position of enforcing a law ought to know the law and is presumed to know the law. Unfortunately, the common effect on the weak minded person who is put in a position of enforcing law is pride and arrogance which handicap said person mentally, and added to that the gains such a position gives to said person renders said person mentally crippled, and as such, will not investigate, objectively that is, the veracity of that which they have accepted, but instead will blindly enforce the law in accordance with manner in which they have been mislead.  Anyone who claims to know the law they enforce and know who it applies to and under what circumstances it applies but does not fully disclose all details in a manner that the one it is being disclosed to and enforced upon does not fully comprehend the significance of who it applies to and under what circumstances it applies, that one attempting to enforce the law is committing crimes against the American People and doing so on purpose.  Such a one, for personal gain, commits crimes against those they enforce a law upon when that law does not apply or the one it is being applied to was deceived into accepting a circumstance or agreement so such law can be applied.

It is easy to determine if the one enforcing a law is deliberately committing crimes.  Such a one will not answer pertinent questions.  The courts have already ruled that if one who is enforcing a law does not answer all relevant questions, that one is committing fraud and that the one enforcing a law is obligated to disclose the nature and cause and all other pertinent information, especially when asked.  The following questions are pertinent to all laws being enforced and when presented to one enforcing a law and that one does not answer them in unambiguous, concise clear terms fully comprehendible by the one asking and within ten (10) days is already guilty of fraud, according to the courts.



More to come ...

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